A Syrian Love Story – Q&A with Sean McAllister

We’ve got a big treat for you!

As part of Refugee Week, internationally renowned, local director, Sean McAllister will be joining Hull Help for Refugees for an exclusive online Q&A about his award winning film, A Syrian Love Story. Raghda, the mother and political activist in the film will also be joining us, and we are delighted that Nadine Shah, who wrote the song Mother Fighter about Raghda is hosting the evening. We’re also expecting a guest appearance from Ragda’s sons.


Sean McAllister & Ragda

Created over a period of 5 years, the film is a moving and intimate documentary of the lives of Raghda, Amer and their sons in Syria, beginning at a time when Raghda, the mother is in prison. It documents the family’s story during the Syrian uprising, starting with 4 year old Bob asking his mother on the phone when she is coming home from gaol.

Having full access to some of Ragda and Amer’s very distressing conversations, Sean also focused on their disintegrating relationship. Presented against the backdrop of the atrocities of war, this gives us an understanding of the stresses on a family living under constant threat in a war zone.

Ticket holders will gain access to A Syrian Love Story free to view from 14/6/20 – 16/6/20. Although this is a free event, donations would be much appreciated. Hull Help for Refugees is a grass roots charity with no overheads. All money we raise is spent on local organisations in Calais and Greece, who provide help to destitute people seeking asylum. We also help local asylum seekers. Please see our What We Do page for more information.

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